Scorpio Midheaven: Your Success and Fulfillment

If you have your Midheaven in Scorpio, you need a career that fulfills your need for curiosity and financial security.

Midheaven in Scorpio

Creating Success

Scorpio Midheaven individuals achieve successful outcomes when they link with a powerful partner. Through their wholehearted efforts to support him or her, they are transformed and empowered, blossoming into an expanded sense of self and possibility. Exploring other people’s goals can show the Scorpio Midheaven the next partner to link with; an innate sense of excitement about their aims will be their signal!

For the Scorpio Midheaven, this can be scary for them at first, since they are attuned to believing that their survival depends upon preserving the status quo. They are comfortable with things just as they are; to go in a new direction – even (or perhaps especially) an exciting direction – can feel intimidating and risky. Yet when they find the courage to embrace the risk, link with a partner, and take a fresh path, they open themselves not only to change but to empowerment and self-renewal. For the Scorpio Midheaven, the byproduct of this kind of risk-taking is the joy of feeling in charge of their own destiny. Happiness enters into every area of their life in which they are willing to actively choose change over the status quo.

Their Achilles Heel

Scorpio Midheaven natives fear losing their position as a practical person with solid, reliable material values. Yet the image projected is boring and the cost of maintaining it is exorbitant; within its confines they may never reach beyond their own values to understand what is of worth to others. The result is the loneliness of not having their own worth validated by others.

The Scorpio Midheaven individual may stubbornly maintain fixed beliefs about what is important in life. This stance is a survival tool they developed in childhood that no longer serves them in adult life. This can lead to the strain of feeling continually on the defensive as they struggle to uphold their own position against other people’s power, which they perceive as threatening. One natural result of this defensive stance is the Scorpio Midheaven’s growing conviction of their own powerlessness.

If Scorpio Midheaven individuals continue approaching life with a stubborn resistance to change, they will be deprived of the comfort and support of deep intimacy and meaningful emotional sharing with another. By getting too close, they may find themselves changing; thus they may build thick protective walls around what they most value. This defensive attitude may work only too well, alienating prospective partners or allies from attempting intimacy with them, or even from being around the Scorpio Midheaven for long. Far from creating admiration, others may perceive their basic beliefs as stodgy and static, and fear being “bogged down” in them!


Happiness enters every area of life for the Scorpio Midheaven when they relinquish intolerance and strive instead to recognize and explore what others consider valuable. Perceiving others’ motivations and merging with them - that is, sharing perceptions to create a third perspective - enhances their own sense of value as well as that of others. By moving out of their comfort zone to pursue and establish their true personal power, the Scorpio Midheaven can experience the joy of relating to others in significant ways.

By fully engaging in this process, they allow themselves to encompass internal changes, and in their willingness to experience personal transformation, they are empowered. Happiness enters every area of their life when the Scorpio Midheaven individual relinquish intolerance and expands their self-reflective abilities to include reflection on the merits of others.

Their 'Home Base'

Scorpio Midheaven’s early environment was in many ways safe, dependable, and comfortable; a place in which they could count on loyalty and support. Money was not scarce and they are likely to have been provided with all the physical necessities of life. They were taught strong family values, including persistence, ownership, and self-reliance.

For the Scorpio Midheaven, their survival tools included loyalty to family members, a willingness to proceed step by step to achieve results that would last, and a natural affinity for money. Thus, as an adult, they equate their survival with personal comfort and financial stability.

Good Career Choices

Scorpio Midheaven people are happiest in professions where they have a sense of living on the edge, taking a chance — either by being involved in politics, psychology, or a job where the concepts of power and control motivate them. Crisis situations stimulate a feeling of competency for the Scorpio Midheaven individual, and their talent in dealing with such situations is a true asset in their career.

Scorpio Midheaven individuals are happiest in professions that emphasize change, rather than maintaining the status quo. Having a business partner whose values resonate with their own is essential to their success. They have an incredible ability to support and empower others to reach their worldly aims, and Scorpio Midheaven is able to rouse others to go through the personal transformations necessary to claim their own potency.

Self-contentment comes to the Scorpio Midheaven when they allow the world to see them as ready to change and grow and willing to take both psychological and material risks in order to do so – as deeply perceptive in their relationships, and powerful by virtue of their ability to handle personal intensity.

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