Libra Midheaven: Your Success and Fulfillment

If your Midheaven is in Libra, you need harmony and balance in your career.

Midheaven in Libra

Creating Success

Libra Midheaven individuals achieve successful outcomes when they link with another in a partnership effort. Their ideal profession will involve one-on-one dealings with another person, whether that other is their business partner or their client in a counseling situation. In every area of life that they approach as a team player seeking cooperation and mutual support – career, relationships, finances – the Libra Midheaven will gain the confidence of feeling in charge of their own destiny.

True partnership is not a co-dependent relationship, it is based on interdependency. Each person brings to the table their own separate identity and contributes that in a cooperative effort toward team goals. Partnership is the key to Libra Midheaven’s individual success, and questioning others about their goals in life will yield the information they need to see whether the other person’s objectives fit with their own.

It can be scary at first, since Libra Midheaven individuals believe that following their own independent impulses is their key to success and survival. Yet, if the other person’s goals match well with theirs, when Libra Midheaven adds their innate courage and strength to the mix it can create a highly successful team! Happiness enters every area of life where they seek balance and harmony through the open sharing of feelings, and allow the needs of others to fairly influence their actions.

Their Achilles Heel

Libra Midheaven people fear losing the safety of their role as the impulsive, independent, self-reliant person who always goes his or her own way. This stance is a survival tool they developed in childhood that no longer serves them in adult life. By failing to consider other people’s needs before making decisions, they open themselves to unhappiness, since others in turn may not support their actions.

Their habit is to act based on their needs alone, a “me first” attitude that is alienating to others. When others cannot trust them to consider their feelings, Libra Midheaven may find themselves cut off from the joys of deeply intimate relationships. Spending their energy on endless conquests without deep or sustaining benefit to themselves or others yields emptiness over the long haul.

The result of such thoughtless and rash expressions of personal identity, oriented only to winning their personal desires, is the disappointment of others neither understanding nor acknowledging their capabilities or positive strengths. Thus the “security” of maintaining their identity is created at the expense of discouraging others from wanting to relate to them on a deep level.


Happiness enters into every area of life for the Libra Midheaven when they expand their “me first” attitude to include other people on their winning team. Awareness of others’ needs and desires then empowers them to use their gift for taking the initiative in a way that leads to cooperation between all parties involved.

Joy comes to the Libra Midheaven through the realization that only when everyone wins are they able to achieve a true victory. Gentleness and concern take root in their nature as they strive to create harmony in intimate relationships and to consistently consider other people’s feelings. Seeing this approach from the Libra Midheaven, inspires their mate and partners to trust them and to relate to them on the deepest levels of emotional intimacy. This opens the way for them to experience the personal peace and lasting happiness of a harmonious relationship.

Happiness enters every area of the Libra Midheaven person’s life when they seek to understand another’s singular identity, both by asking them questions and by observing and acknowledging their unique characteristics. By considering the goals of others as well as their own to make fair decisions for action, they create an empowering balance and harmony for themselves and those around them.

Their 'Home Base'

Libra Midheaven’s early environmental conditioning was in many ways very supportive of their independence, geared toward their becoming strong in their own right. They were given abundant attention within a family situation that empowered them to grow and develop on their own. They were happily “their own person” at a very young age.

Their survival tools for the Libra Midheaven included learning to take care of themselves; of necessity, they developed personal courage and assertiveness. The urge to take chances and the desire to discover themselves resonate strongly in their inner nature. They have consequently made choices in their adult life that are “gutsy” from their family’s point of view.

Good Career Choices

Libra Midheaven people are happiest in professions where they can relate to others on a one-to-one basis. Peace, harmony, and fairness are important values to them, and any profession that aims for those qualities is very suited to their nature. Thus they could be a diplomat, a mediator, or a person who introduces beauty into the environment, such as a home decorator.

For the Libra Midheaven, beauty and equilibrium are important to them and need to be considered in choosing the right profession. Uniting in partnership is essential to their professional success. This could mean working with a business partner, or some form of counseling or consulting work in which their aim is to support the other person’s efforts to reach to their goals.

Self-contentment is assured for the Libra Midheaven through allowing the world to see them as charming, humorous, diplomatic, and able to reach conclusions that are fair to all concerned. They gain self-respect and evoke the respect of others when they use their natural abilities to be objective in their outlook, balanced in their dealings, and just in their decisions: in short, to be a likable person who plays fair with others.

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