Pisces Midheaven: Your Success and Fulfillment

If you have your Midheaven in Pisces, you need a career that allows you to utilize your intuition or to follow your gut, because more often than not, it’s right.

Midheaven in Pisces

Creating Success

Pisces Midheaven individuals achieve successful outcomes when they manifest their spiritual or artistic vision. Their ideal profession positions them as a healing, helping influence for others. When they trust that a Higher Power guides their success, they avail themselves of their full share of power.

For the Pisces Midheaven, in their profession, relationships, and finances – indeed, in every area of their life in which they accept people and circumstances exactly as they are – they will feel serenity and strength. Their gift of unconditional love helps their situation and gives them a true experience of being in charge of their own destiny.

This may feel scary at first, since the Pisces Midheaven individual equate their personal survival with keeping the lives of those close to them in good working order. Yet when they release this craving for perfection, when they stop analyzing everything and everyone around them, when they do their part while trusting the outcome to God – their self-imposed burden lightens and lifts.

When Pisces Midheaven accepts others as they find them – without trying to change their behavior – they connect with an abiding love. When they no longer depend for direction upon changing the behavior of others, they are able to feel the bliss of everything around them unfolding in its own proper way.

Their Achilles Heel

Pisces Midheaven individuals are afraid of losing their “safe” role as the logical, practical, down-to-earth voice of reason, and they are often the first to criticize themselves for the slightest wrong turn. This stance is a survival tool the Pisces Midheaven developed in childhood that no longer serves them in adult life. This quest for perfection generally leads to unhappiness, since others are likely to perceive their process as petty, judgmental, and overly concerned with the mundane aspects of life.

For Pisces Midheaven, their impulse to over-discriminate can imprison them in details; nothing they do can measure up to their own standards. The resulting disappointment fosters an overly critical attitude and has a negative effect on social interactions.

Fearing that others will criticize their lack of perfection, their tendency is to keep them at an emotional distance. This “protects” the Pisces Midheaven from those who wish to relate to them on a deep level. In fact, the resulting self-righteous attitude warns all who approach that they may box them into a category or judge them harshly for some imperfection, perceived or imagined. The Pisces Midheaven’s reflexive response is to withdraw; this perpetuates their feelings of isolation, and so the cycle continues.


For the Pisces Midheaven, whenever their vision of perfection shifts its focus from the physical world to the perfection of the universal whole, happiness can enter. If Pisces Midheaven individuals advance through their life with an attitude of tolerance, having faith that outcomes are as they should be, success will be the byproduct of their journey.

The key for the Pisces Midheaven is in loving and accepting all things exactly as they are. By keeping their attention on the flawless cosmic order, they will gain a new perspective of personal order that transforms daily life. When their vision encompasses the spiritual perfection that underlies all physical manifestation, they will experience consistent joy and well-being.

Their 'Home Base'

Pisces Midheaven’s childhood conditioning placed heavy emphasis on organization and planning. They felt a need to be “perfect” – to dutifully fulfill their role so that the family unit could carry on. The value of work was deeply impressed upon them. The overly structured early years of the Pisces Midheaven prompted them in adult life to equate security with a carefully organized environment, but this pursuit distracts them from fulfilling their dreams.

The present survival tools of the Pisces Midheaven (i.e ., keeping their private space organized, overanalyzing everything) lend an illusion of safety, but deeper down an “I’m not perfect enough to succeed” feeling persists. Pisces Midheaven’s true survival tool will be to value their vision above their fears, to go forth despite their doubts to manifest their dream.

Pisces Midheaven people have had past lives spent in positions of service to others. Therefore their work ethic and sense of responsibility to those under their care is strong; they organize their own life to accommodate those around them. Their inner nature is quite practical and devoted to those they care about.

Good Career Choices

Pisces Midheaven individuals are happiest in careers in which they can manifest an idealistic vision. They are poetic, spiritual, and artistic — and when these qualities come together in their profession, they will know that they have achieved success. The idea of healing and making problems dissolve is an important aspect to their work.

To instill in others the vision of a greater trust in Higher Powers at work motivates them to do their best. Pisces Midheaven thrives in a profession in which they can express their awareness of unconditional love and understanding of all people. They need a career that supports their sensitivity and their ability to see the subtleties of life. If they can make a difference and help those who are suffering, their job is a true blessing.

Self-contentment is assured to the Pisces Midheaven when they allow the world to see their compassionate, non-judgmental, all-accepting, gentle, unconditionally loving, tolerant self: a person of faith in their own vision of intangible spiritual order.

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