Aquarius Sun with Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Rising

Sun in Aquarius with Moon in Pisces and Sagittarius Rising Personality Traits:

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon Sagittarius Rising

With an Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon, are you the observant, sensible, scientific type who is strangely attracted to weird phenomena? Are you open, easy-going, and friendly, available and helpful to all, but quaking inside because you fear that your soft, vulnerable little voice will not be heard? You are an enigma, as much to yourself as to others at times. At one level you are perky and independent, and at another you are a dreamy sentimentalist, happy to blend in with your surroundings. You appear to have a confident mental grasp on life and know exactly where you are, but inside you often struggle with self-doubt.

Having an Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon, you are genuinely gregarious and intelligently concerned about people and about a mixture – perhaps an odd one – of social causes and metaphysical ideas. Your friendliness hides a sensitive and precarious inner core, however, which few people ever really get to know. You are one of the most sociable people in the zodiac – sympathetic, helpful, enjoying the fellowship of a wide range of people and eager to learn. Your inclination is to reach out to people – you want to be involved in a way that makes a difference, and you are deeply nourished and your ego is boosted when your efforts elicit a positive emotional response.

As an individual with an Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon, you strive to be an independent thinker and generally like to do your own thing. You will make a stand for the things you believe in, but you secretly hope you will not have to do it alone. Whether it is in science, the arts or metaphysics, the challenge of new frontiers attracts you, and it will be due as much to the romance of the role you might play as to the soundness of the principle at stake. Your insights can be very creative and fertile because you back up your thinking with real feeling – you care deeply about both the ideas and the people in your life. Your broad, almost visionary viewpoint and your disarming sympathy for other people makes you a touch eccentric but popular, too.

If your Aquarian side is dominant, you may have a view of scientists as an international brotherhood striving to uncover the truth for the benefit of humankind. If your Piscean side is stronger, you may feel that circuses and séances are as essential to a healthy life as three meals a day and eight hours of sleep.

With an Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon, you want to be of service to the world, to be connected in a meaningful way. No matter how busy you are you will make time for whatever philanthropic pursuit grabs your imagination. People know you are honorable, and if you ever chastise someone you do it with gentle humor – you know you have been there yourself. Your compassion for and understanding of human nature makes you well suited for work with people, either in education, the ministry or the caring/medical professions. You treat people as equals, and with great respect. You make a wonderful teacher because you are able to bring out the inner resources in others which they do not even realize they possess.

Keywords For An Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon:

Independent but vulnerable; thinker and poet; altruistic; loyal; universal outlook; eccentric; gullible; kind; sympathetic; kind and humorous; intuitive; social conscience; humanitarian; psychological insight; loves people; reverent; forgiving; committed to a cause. 

Sagittarius Rising

A Sagittarius Rising favors independence and freedom. You cannot bear to be stifled by outmoded ideas or difficult lovers or tedious work. You are progressive, full of optimism about the future. You are also restless in spirit, anxious to get on with the business of living, ready to accept a new challenge.

Having Sagittarius Rising, sometimes your impatience is misunderstood. Your sensitivity toward other people and your need for freedom are part of the same personality. You grant freedom to others and never try to limit or restrict another human being.

Sagittarius Rising individuals are basically humanitarians, idealists who care deeply about injustice. On a personal level, you are honest and generous to others and easily wounded when confronted with selfishness or thoughtless cruelty.

As an individual with Sagittarius Rising, it’s true that you can expect too much of your fellow man. You have a knack for making friends, for you are very open to new people and new ideas. You enjoy a spirited discussion, an exchange of opinion. (Sagittarius Rising individuals have a reputation for frankness: other people always know where they stand with you.) You are interested in research, blessed with imagination, foresight, and clear thinking.

With Sagittarius Rising, you like to travel, see new places, learn how the rest of the world lives. Usually you tend to read a great deal, watch the news, subscribe to periodicals, plug into the latest information on the computer, talk about current events with friends.

Having Sagittarius Rising, you prefer the simple life, with not too many trappings or obligations. You like money, but your real appreciation is for the independence it affords. You fear that if you take success too seriously, life will become boring. One of your problems is that you don’t measure the consequences of what you do. You are impulsive, sometimes reckless. To take action is the main thing, to do something about a problem. You don’t always stop to consider where all the activity may lead.

For the individual with Sagittarius Rising, marriage is not the most important thing in your life. Sagittarian Rising individuals have a tendency to marry the wrong person (at least once) and get into unhappy romantic situations from which they must extricate themselves. Travel is a major theme in your life, and luck surrounds you in foreign countries.

As an individual with Sagittarius Rising, you tend to have a pleasant, cheerful face, a broad forehead, bright, humorous eyes, and a friendly smile. You often make sweeping gestures with your arms and hands, and have a strong, active body.

The planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Jupiter bestows good fortune, happiness, generosity, breadth of vision, sincerity, and a genial social manner. It also encourages restlessness, self-indulgence, conceit, impatience, wastefulness, and gambling.

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