We are dedicated to assisting you on your path to deeper self-awareness & emotional healing through Astrology & Numerology.

Our mission is to deliver clarity into your life, relationships, & overall direction. Helping you to overcome past traumas, & unveil how you can transform your life into a place of fulfilled happiness. By developing insight & self-understanding, you will find that it’s much easier to discover solutions for the problems & traumas that repeatedly challenge you.

Internal conflicts and thought patterns can keep you stuck in repetitive cycles of depression & anxiety, understanding these thought patterns allows you to think objectively about them, if they’re truly serving your best interest, & the exact methods to overcome them.

Combining astrology & numerology can give you a highly accurate composite view of your personality & life direction, including your uniqueness, strengths, challenges, emotions, & relationships. Tools that can help you to look inward, reset, and get up close and personal with yourself — because after all, it's hard to move forward in any direction in your life if you’re unsure of what has brought you to where you are.