What is Relationship Astrology?

Relationship Astrology or Synastry is the study of how the energy of two individuals, blend, interact & react with one another.

As everyone has their own unique natal (birth) charts, synastry reveals how two different individuals affect each other & how each of their planets interacts with one another bringing about energies, experiences, and emotions that would not exist individually. The way two charts interact with each other is unique because such a possibility is very unlikely – if not almost impossible – to repeat itself with another person again.

When a certain person crosses your path, feelings, emotions, and events that might have been non-existent in your own personality might emerge, feeling like magic (or in other cases, like a curse). It’s a cosmic chemical reaction.

This means that once you are separated from that one person, the energy that both charts produced together will disappear into nothingness.  This is why you may feel that when you lost a certain person, things could never be the same again. It’s true, because your own birth chart cannot produce that same configuration on its own, or the exact same way with anyone else.

It’s understandable why certain people make us feels so great and others cause us anxiety and stress. Their personality is activating different aspects of our own personality.  So in a way, it’s correct that we can never substitute people – each person will have a unique reaction to our own personality.

Of course, relationships can produce joyful or unpleasant situations and emotions. Sometimes upon meeting a person you might discover a very dark aspect of your personality that you didn’t know existed. Some people might make you feel trapped and helpless, or, you might make them feel uncomfortable when they are around you.  This is because you may be activating aspects of each other that would never have a significant impact on both your personalities if you had never come across each other.

Many people come and go from our lives generating small random emotions from time to time. You might feel as if you were destined to meet somebody because upon meeting them, the energy that they produce when interacting with your personality fits like a glove.

A relationship analysis can reveal the following details about your relationship, including the following:

  • What attracts you to each other

  • What you bring out in one another

  • What you see in each other

  • Will the relationship sustain long-term passion & romance

  • How well you interact together

  • Hidden aspects of your relationship you may have never noticed before

  • How well do you work together

  • How easily you harmonize with one another

  • What you learn from each other in the relationship

  • The overall long-term potential of the relationship

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