Virgo Sun with Sagittarius Moon and Libra Rising

Sun in Virgo with Moon in Sagittarius and Libra Rising Personality Traits:

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon Libra Rising

With a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, your Virgo Sun makes you cautious, patient, reserved, and methodical. Your Sagittarius Moon makes you freedom-loving and rebellious, given to impulse and adventurous. As you can see, the signs of your combination are very different, which makes you an interesting and complex individual—and a bit mixed up.

As an individual with a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, when setting your goals and defining your beliefs and life-style, you are never sure which side of your dual personality should have its way. Should you follow your inner voice’s command and be the jovial (though guilt-ridden) adventurer? Or should you allow your Virgo nature dominate, setting you up as the responsible and dedicated (though frustrated) conformist? Most Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals strike a balance by working within a structured and conventional framework, while retaining a daring, impetuous spirit.

You have high standards and a strong independent streak. You feel you should be your own boss, and you’re probably right. Many Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals excel as independent entrepreneurs. But whatever your choice of profession, your work habits are always a reflection of your Virgo’s pragmatism and organization, combined with Sagittarian enthusiasm and courage.

Having a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, sometimes, impulsiveness undermines your best efforts. Though you appear to be fairly complacent most of the time, there are occasions when you want to test your luck, play your hunch, or follow some romantic or adventurous whim. This longing will overtake you if you feel you are somehow confined or restrained by a job, marriage, or life-style. You get restless at the first hint of drudgery or boredom. Learn to control that erratic nature of yours by making sure your activities (particularly professional) offer the excitement and diversity you require. It is also important that you have many outside interests and a full social life. Don’t let your devotion to your job make you feel pinned in, or one day you’ll surprise even yourself by some impulsive move towards “freedom.”

If you’re an individual with a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, you have a razor-sharp wit and a strong need to express your views and opinions, but there is also a tendency to be too outspoken and even blunt with some of those offhand comments. As a result, you may at times alienate those closest to you. Try to consider others’ feelings before you speak. There are times when it is best to keep your observations, brilliant though they may be, to yourself.

With a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, your charming, persuasive manner draws people to you and helps assure your success in life. Subtlety, shrewdness, and intuition all enhance your flair for salesmanship and business elan, but you are also drawn to more philosophical endeavors. Both signs of the Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination are mental signs, giving you a strong intellectual curiosity, and it is important that you satisfy it. Many Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are drawn to scholarship, teaching, writing, and journalism.

As an individual with a Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, in romance, you are loyal and generous, but there are times when you cannot adhere to your high principles—especially when that Sagittarian quest for adventure gains the upper hand. You like variety and plenty of spice in your love relationships, so in planning to settle down with someone, make sure he or she can sustain the excitement you so crave.

Keywords For A Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon:

Intellectual enthusiasm; restless but controlled; great integrity; genuinely helpful; intelligent; quick wit; moralistic; critical; dedicated student and teacher; urbane; a thinker and a communicator. 

Libra Rising

If you have Libra Rising, you have natural charm, grace, and poise. You are extremely social-minded and take pleasure in being with other people in a cheerful atmosphere. Parties, holidays, laughter, fun, and good times are what Libra Rising individuals revel in. You have a happy and easygoing personality and are full of hope for the future. No matter what disappointments today may bring, Libra Rising individuals fantasize about happy tomorrows and look forward to living them.

Of course, you are not this way all the time. With Libra Rising, one of your problems is that you are easily thrown into despair and depression, especially by downhearted and discouraging people. Libra is the sign of balance, but it doesn’t take much to push Libra Rising individuals off balance. Basically, however, your spirits are optimistic and carefree.

As an individual with Libra Rising, you are born with a great sense of fairness, and nothing angers you more than to see injustice go uncorrected. You are deeply upset by cruelty, violence, bloodshed, and strife. To you, life should be serene and content, but it must, above all, be fair.

Libra Rising individuals are refined, neat, and discriminating. You breathe rarefied air. Your aloof quality is sometimes hard for others to figure out, but it will never leave you even though you function so well with other people.

With Libra Rising, you gravitate toward artistic and creative endeavors, but sometimes your artistic flair lies dormant and unused, for you dislike hard work and prefer to take the easy way out. You don’t have to seek the spotlight, however; it shines on you. You don’t struggle to find success; luck often comes to Libra Rising individuals through a partner, mate, or close association.

Having Libra Rising, you like travel, new people, new projects. You happily throw yourself into enterprises that promise excitement or diversion. The trouble is you don’t have much perseverance, so a great many things go unfinished. Another difficulty you have is making up your mind. You weigh a decision carefully, vacillating between one course of action and another; when you’ve finally decided you still hesitate. There is a timidity behind all this pondering, a fear of taking risks.

Libra Rising individuals are unhappy when single and are fond of being married. (This does not necessarily mean that you will stay married to the same person.) Somewhere along the way Libra Rising individuals are likely to gain wealth and material possessions through a marriage partner. As a rule, you don’t have a lot of children, but you take great delight in those you do have.

As a Libra Rising individual, you tend to have a strikingly good-looking face, graceful and symmetrical bone structure, and a radiant smile. Your body is usually curving or round, though not necessarily fat.

The planet Venus, which rules Libra, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Venus bestows beauty, charm, social graces, a romantic nature, an appreciation for art, music, and decoration. It also encourages superficiality, jealousy, laziness, dependence on others, and a weak will.

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