Taurus Sun with Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising

Sun in Taurus with Moon in Scorpio and Gemini Rising Personality Traits:

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Gemini Rising

Having a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, you are a very intense Taurus, and you take yourself and the world around you with utmost seriousness. Suspicious and secretive, you prefer to be left alone and do not let many people get close to you. Somewhat paranoid, you are always wondering whether or not people are plotting against you.

With a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, your outlook tends to be somewhat gloomy and there are times when a dark cloud seems to hover over your head. You may smile ironically after reading the latest scandal or obituary, because you like nothing better than confirmation of what you have always felt deep down inside: The world is an evil place and nobody can be trusted! How did you ever become so cynical?

Your Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon combination is very brave and sensual, and in your youth you probably spent much time exploring the world around you. But as time went by, lethargy and doubt began to take over.

Having a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, even though you are perceptive and highly sensitive, you often have difficulty expressing your feelings. There are times when the desire to vent your emotions becomes overwhelming, but usually you’re afraid that if you ever were to release those passions, they might overwhelm you. In short, you fear your inner nature and try to hide from it.

As an individual with Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, the consequences of holding in your emotions can take several forms. You may become a brooding and inarticulate cynic, content to go about your business. Or you may indulge in self-destructive habits, turning your tension and anger against yourself. Or, just possibly, you may take out your hostilities on others on others.

None of this is irrevocable. It is possible, first of all, that you learn to be more trusting, that you express yourself with greater abandon. With your warm, giving nature, you needn’t fear the consequences of being candid and open with people.

With a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, you possess tremendous willpower and resolve and the ability to overcome any problem or obstacle—once you’ve made up your mind. Your energies can be applied in many fields.

For the individual with a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, art as a hobby or profession can be an excellent way to make use of your vivid and intense imagination. You are also very shrewd in the business world. Processing remarkable intuition, you easily see through deception and superficiality, so few can get the better of you. Your forceful personality makes you known (and sometimes feared) wherever you go. Like your fellow Taureans, you would do well to use work as an outlet for your pent-up tension.

Having a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon, sex is also very therapeutic for you and you’ve probably had some intense love affairs. As a lover, you are protective and generous with your affections, but your jealousy can take on outrageous proportions. Allow your partner a little more freedom! (You are the type that won’t let him of her out of your sight for even a hour.) Fortunately, your kindness, loyalty, and affection help compensate for that jealous streak.

Keywords For A Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon:

Stubborn; confident; passionate; protective; sensual; possessive;  strong appetites; magnetic; staying power; resourceful; persevering; willful; shrewd  mind; intensely creative; egotistic; forceful self-expression; subjective views; protective; independent; perceptive; strategic. 

Gemini Rising

With Gemini Rising, the first impression others receive of you is of someone in constant motion: your hands gesticulate, your eyes dart here and there, your body does not sit still in a chair. Restlessness underlies your personality; it is the symptom of your yearning for something that is just beyond your reach. You need change and variety and are often discontent with your present lot. Gemini is the sign of duality and this is evident in the lives of Gemini Ascendants.

As an individual with Gemini Rising, you can be happy and unhappy at the same time, satisfied yet dissatisfied. Of course, this can be said of many people, but in your case you are discontent for a specific reason: You feel you have not lived up to your potential. You sense that there is an experience just over the horizon that will make you feel truly fulfilled, and you resent the strictures that you may think keep you from venturing out to find it.

A striking characteristic of Gemini Rising individuals is their ability to use words to say exactly what is meant. To you, clarity is a tribute that words pay to ideas. You are well informed, witty, mentally quick.

Gemini Rising individuals tend to move into positions of prominence not by force of will but by their facile way of handling people. You adore having an audience. Many of you become actors and writers and are successful in the entertainment industry, TV, journalism, and the literary world.

As a Gemini Rising individuals you have an excitable nature that is quick to react to any stimulus, to come up with an answer to any question—and also to get upset easily. You throw yourself into a project with verve and enthusiasm, then worry and fret (usually quite audibly) about this thing going wrong or that person not liking you, about how long everything is taking. However, you have a marvelous mercurial quality, and your high spirits and interest are quickly revived.

Having Gemini Rising, you go out of your way to keep busy, if not at your vocation then at your avocation. You love puzzles, games, books, and the computer—anything that will amuse and occupy the mind. There is a basic coolness to the Gemini Rising personality.

With Gemini Rising, even though you love to be with people and appear to have charming warmth, yours is a mental rather than emotional outlook. You deal with feelings and relationships exactly as you do with facts and figures—as things that can be analyzed. There is also a tendency to be egotistical, for fundamentally you know that you know better than others.

As an individual with Gemini Rising, you like to encounter many different situations and people. You travel, change residences and occupations, and often marry more than once. Blessed with a natural sense of drama, you know how to heighten and brighten any experience.

Having Gemini Rising, you tend to have small sharp features, twinkling eyes that are filled with humor, a friendly smile, and graceful arms and hands that you use to great effect. You move with quickness and agility and hold on to your youthful looks well into old age.

The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Mercury bestows a high intellect, acute perceptions, cleverness, cleverness in speaking and writing, and a flair for foreign languages. It also encourages arrogance, sarcasm, snobbishness, cynicism, and disorganization.

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