Taurus Sun with Libra Moon and Capricorn Rising

Sun in Taurus with Moon in Libra and Capricorn Rising Personality Traits:

Taurus Sun Libra Moon Capricorn Rising

Venus rules both signs of the Taurus Sun Libra Moon combination, giving you an enchanting personality and a remarkable even disposition. Your bearing suggests tranquility and inner calm.

With a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, you are graceful and outgoing, to others you seem almost immune to tension and anxiety. Few would suspect the nervous tension and restlessness concealed behind that charming smile.

As will all natives of Moon in Libra, your self-image is a reflection of how others see you, so you need plenty of socializing to maintain a positive one. You should have no trouble, since people are drawn to your magnetic personality, your worldly wisdom, and sensitivity.

As an individual with a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, you are sympathetic and congenial. You treat everyone with equality and respect. Your combination gives you the practical common sense of Taurus as well as the Libran sense of justice and fair play. You’re the kind of person who would never knowingly hurt anyone, nor could you be angry for very long, as tolerance and forgiveness rule your relationships. “Niceness” is the quality that all Taurus Sun Libra Moon individuals share.

Having a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, you have a rustic spirit and probably feel a strong rapport with nature. The best way for you to sort out your problems is in a relaxed, natural environment. When outside tension and confusion become too much, it’s important for you to get away to the countryside and into the open air. You need more relaxation and diversion than most people because you have a low tolerance for stress.

For the Taurus Sun Libra Moon individual, inner restlessness keeps you on the move, seeking constant diversion and activity. The trouble is, you’re not always certain where you’re going. Setting goals and priorities is difficult, simply because you have trouble making up your mind. Like all Venus-ruled natives, you dislike the tension and discord of competitive society and are most often drawn to the pleasant and easygoing rather than the challenging and rewarding.

With a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, you have the determination and luck to succeed in anything you set out to do, but the temptation of an easy life often wins over ambition and the desire to fulfill yourself. If you wish to make a career work, your challenge is to develop a more aggressive attitude. Since you are influenced by those around you, get involved with people who are working hard at fulfilling themselves. Try hanging out with a few ambitious Capricorns or industrious Virgos!

For individuals with a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, learn to set your objectives and stick to them. You have many talents and a wonderful imagination. Art, music, film, and design are just a few areas in which you can excel. With that diplomatic nature, you are also well suited for human-relations work. (Your calm, gentle presence alone can stop a fight.)

Having a Taurus Sun Libra Moon, the state of your love life is the index of your overall happiness. Romantic and sensual, you need lots of love to keep you happy. It’s important for you to have a partner who shares your sensitivity and can understand your emotional delicacy. The only problems you may encounter in your romantic life is vanity: Not even you can resist that charming person in the mirror. Without realizing it, you may feel your partner is there simply to admire you.

Keywords For A Taurus Sun Libra Moon:

Rational; charming; love of harmony; aesthetic sense; romantic; devoted; sentimental; sociable; pleasantly persuasive; a realist; common sense; sensual; attractive personality; search for justice; need for companionship; practical idealist; social theorist. 

Capricorn Rising

If you have Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a serious turn of mind. One would not call you melancholy, but you certainly aren’t frivolous. Cautious in your dealings, you are reluctant to commit yourself until you know the score. With strangers you are often quiet, reserved, and perhaps a bit shy. But once you open up you can be lively, friendly, warm, and expressive.

Capricorn Rising individuals have strong personalities, possess great willpower and determination, and diligently pursue their goals. These goals are usually for a better life—money, status, a higher standing in the community for your family. It’s important to you to feel that your life is meaningful.

With Capricorn Rising, you have self-esteem and are reliable, dependable, and stable. Sometimes, though, you will strive toward a goal and when you achieve it will still not be happy. You have a sense that something is missing, and you continue your search.

Having Capricorn Rising, you have an active mind with quick intelligence and an ability to concentrate. You can ferret out information, see flaws in a plan, and map things out ahead in detail. Sometimes you may be accused of being too calculating, because you add up all the pros and cons before embarking on a project. If an opponent has a weakness, you are also quick to spot it—and not entirely above using it to your advantage.

With Capricorn Rising, you tend to fuss over details to make sure all contingencies have been covered. It’s your way of being in control—you don’t want bad luck to catch you unprepared. Capricorn Rising individuals are worriers; in youth you worry about life, in old age about death. In middle age you worry about success.

It isn’t always easy for Capricorn Rising individuals to show their feelings, though powerful feelings do exist. You love deeply, are loyal and protective, and go out of your way to do kind deeds for others. However, you are often torn by jealousy and resentment (which you hide), and down deep you never really forgive someone who does you an injury.

As an individual with Capricorn Rising, what you achieve is mainly through your own efforts rather than through the influence of others. Though it happens that Capricorn Rising individuals seem to benefit financially through marriage, your own hard work within the union is largely responsible for your gain.

With Capricorn Rising there is often a rivalry with brothers and sisters, or some kind of disagreement with their fathers. As an individual with Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a small, well-shaped head, deep and penetrating eyes, and a beautiful smile with good-looking teeth. You have strong feet and usually enjoy walking or jogging.

The planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Saturn bestows discipline, ambition, patience, determination, good endurance, and carefulness. It also encourages stubbornness, hardship, melancholy, aloofness, pessimism, and selfishness.

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