Taurus Sun with Capricorn Moon and Virgo Rising

Sun in Taurus with Moon in Capricorn and Virgo Rising Personality Traits:

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon Virgo Rising

With a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon, you are calm, sympathetic, sensual, and fun-loving. But beneath your magnetic charm lies a hard core of determination and inner strength. Humor is one of your greatest gifts and you can brighten any conversation with your quick, incisive wit. But for all that light-heartedness, you are probably aware of a deep-down sadness that hardly reaches the surface.

Having a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon, though you have many strengths and the capacity to enjoy life to its fullest, self-doubt and worry over the future will often keep you from applying your talents. If you were to admit it, what you probably fear most is poverty and a loss of control. You want to assure yourself of a stable existence, and your drive for material security can easily become all-consuming.

Actually, your fears are imaginary, for you are innately surefooted, and you have the resolve and willpower to overcome any obstacle and achieve just about all that you desire. The challenge is to shake off your fears and to live more for the moment than for some ever-threatening future. A bank account or a home cannot guarantee your self-confidence; that can only come from within. So start to value your many capabilities.

Many Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon individuals have musical and artistic leanings, but such talents can only be explored after fear and uncertainty are conquered. In addition to your creative abilities, you have a charming personality. Your persuasive manner works to your advantage, so you can charm and cajole the hardest heart. People often come to you for advice, drawn to your basic stability and worldly wisdom. A loyal and giving person, you are always ready to lend support to a friend.

As an individual with a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon, you do have a tendency to hold in feelings of frustration and anger, rather than dealing with them openly. Learn to articulate those deep-seated emotions, because if you repress them for too long you may be subject to various psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and even paranoia.

The overly frustrated and repressed Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon individual can become monomaniacal and tyrannical. Adolf Hitler is an example of an extremely maladjusted Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. It’s better to deal with tension or hostility honestly than to keep it hidden at the cost of your emotional health.

With your matchless organizational skills, you usually create order out of chaos. You also have a terrific flair for business and high finance, and you enjoy wheeling and dealing.

Fine! But just be careful that money does not become an end in itself.

Having a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon, you are a loyal lover, but you tend to make your search for a partner into a search for security. Women, especially, run the risk of falling for the first man who offers the promise of a comfortable refuge, only to find that the match proves unfortunate in other respects.

Once you have learned to appreciate yourself and gained self-confidence, the way is open to a successful and sharing love relationship.

Keywords For A Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon:

Shrewd pragmatist; dignified; authoritarian; dependable; down-to-  earth; ambitious; logical; sensual; loyal; loving; protective; realistic; determined; resourceful; need for security; traditional; formal; staunch friend; the boss. 

Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising indicates an analytical outlook. Though the degree of emotionalism depends on other influences in your birth chart, it is generally through the mind that you perceive the world. This is not to say you are cold and insensitive. Indeed, the opposite is true, for Virgo Rising individuals have deep and tender emotions and care a great deal about others.

However, with Virgo Rising, it is the process of thinking logically that gives you the deepest satisfaction. You appreciate the finely tuned mechanics of sifting through facts and information, finding the truth of the matter, and introducing order and reason into almost any situation.

Virgo Rising individuals are rather fixed in opinion, but not so inflexible that they will not change their minds upon careful review of opposing facts. To you, the cardinal sin is to be ignorant of one’s ignorance.

Having Virgo Rising, a fault sometimes is your inability to put things in perspective, a proclivity for getting bogged down in small details and losing sight of the big picture. You magnify the importance of a petty detail and then become resentful if others fail to see its significance.

As an individual with Virgo Rising, work is important to you, and you usually accomplish a great deal during your lifetime. Often you are at war within yourself, both wanting things to come easily and needing to achieve solely through your own efforts. Control—both of self and of events—is what makes you feel secure. As it turns out, most Virgo Rising individuals do gain through their own hard work rather than through the influence of others.

With Virgo Rising, you have a charm and elegance that is difficult to pin down. You are not always easy to know intimately. Your shyness and aloofness (sometimes well disguised by a social veneer) must be penetrated by anyone who wishes to become truly close. Emotionally, it’s hard for you to show your feelings, though a great deal is always going on under the surface.

As children, with Virgo Rising, you sometimes suffer from poor health. Happily, health improves the older you get. For many of you, a marriage partner brings property or wealth. Later in life Virgo Rising individuals frequently become property owners, often in a foreign country. Success for you is often linked to dealings in and travel to places far from home.

As a Virgo Rising individual, you tend to have a gentle, oval face, eyes that sweep around a room and take in everything, and a body that gives the impression of frailty but is actually very strong.

The planet Mercury, which rules Virgo, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Mercury bestows a logical mind, acute powers of observation, an intellectual outlook, perception, and a flair for science and writing. It also encourages fussiness, a nervous temperament, sarcasm, fault-finding, and worry.

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