Sagittarius Sun with Libra Moon and Pisces Rising

Sun in Sagittarius with Moon in Libra and Pisces Rising Personality Traits:

Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon Pisces Rising

In the Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon combination, broad-minded, philosophical Sagittarius is joined with socially oriented, sensitive, and imaginative Libra. Most people know you as a jovial, optimistic, charming, and naïve idealist. But there is also a very serious side to your nature; that of the scholar-philosopher who possesses amazing subtly and insight.

Having a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, you’ve got a strong independent streak and an unending faith in yourself and your future. Like all confident people, you have far reaching goals. Your magnetic charm and high spirits work to your advantage, as does your ability to learn quickly. No doubt you will achieve recognition early in life, having pursued your own unique path to success.

With a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, your imagination is vivid, sometimes too vivid, and you can get carried away by your far-fetched dreams. Fortunately, no matter how far afield you drift, luck is always with you; everything seems to turn out just fine in the end.

As an individual with a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, you probably have a great thirst for knowledge—particularly abstract knowledge. Preferring to deal with larger concepts, you are confused by details; you are far more intrigued by the wonders of the universe than by the prospect of balancing a checkbook.

Having a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, you have a dynamic personality. No matter how profound and serious you may be, there is always something of the child in you. You’re fun-loving and adventurous, and people find it hard to resist your wit and fresh appeal. You enjoy an active social life and you’re likely to gain much respect and influence. But, like all those with the Moon in Libra, you’ve got a lazy streak, and your dreams may simply remain dreams unless you develop the determination to follow through. Also, you are somewhat captivated by glamour, and flattery and fame may blind your otherwise sound judgment.

With a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, social insight is your specialty. You have an instinctive understanding of others and you are a natural diplomat. All fields involving human relations and social activism are ideal for the Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon individual: counseling, law, politics, psychology, social theory, and teaching, to name a few. Professionally, you are dedicated, honest, and straightforward. You know how to adapt and adjust to life’s demands, but you never compromise your beliefs.

For the Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon individual, you have no trouble attracting members of the opposite sex. Romantic and idealistic, you spend a lot of time searching for the perfect mate. But restlessness and the craving for variety in your love life often undermine your quest. Even when you feel you have found the ideal lover, the itch will eventually win out over fidelity.

Keywords For A Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon:

Optimistic; warm-hearted; philosophical mind; social conscience; generous spirit; romantic; prophetic; chivalrous; graciously gregarious; an interested observer of humankind; frequenter of coffee shops and theatres; ardent communicator; fun-loving companion. 

Pisces Rising

If you were born with Pisces Rising, you carry within yourself a strong artistic gift that must sooner or later find expression. You have an active fantasy life and a pronounced romantic outlook. You want life to be perfect and since it isn’t, you choose not to see what you don’t want to see.

Down deep, many Pisces Rising individuals believe that they alone are destined to suffer disillusionment in life; sometimes others sense this secret sorrow in you. Often you feel you were born at the wrong time in the wrong place, and you are strongly drawn to the past.

Basically, with Pisces Rising, you have a dauntless goodwill toward others. You tend to be very sociable, fond of entertaining, and enjoy the warmth of companionship. You love the good life—fine food and drink especially, beautiful clothes, and travel. At parties Pisces Rising individuals are vivacious and verbal (sometimes you talk too much); you enjoy performing in front of a group. A talent for mimicry makes many with Pisces Rising turn to the theater.

For the individual with Pisces Rising, the word sentimental comes to mind when describing you. Your tender feelings are easily moved by sad stories, lost animals, and unhappy human beings. Your personality is also changeable, at times moody and distressed. Worry and imagined fears overtake and sometimes overcome you.

Having Pisces Rising, in your private life you tend to be disorganized, a bit careless, the kind who is forever losing or misplacing belongings. In work, however, you are knowledgeable and creative and can be quite disciplined when working within a group, especially in artistic projects. You are also successful in occupations that involve writing and travel.

Many Pisces Rising individuals frequently change their residence. It often happens with Pisces Rising that a person who was an adversary in early years becomes a valuable friend later on. You may sometimes have trouble with a first marriage because of in-laws and relatives. With Pisces Rising you are probably fond of children; your own children usually bring you pride and happiness.

If you have Pisces Rising, you tend to have large, luminous eyes and a sensuous mouth. You are likely to have wavy hair and well-shaped feet.

The planet Neptune, which rules Pisces, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Neptune bestows compassion, sensitivity, keen intuition, imagination, creativity, and an interest in spiritual things and the occult. It also encourages confusion, indecisiveness, worry, vagueness, carelessness, and self-deception.

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