Pisces Sun with Virgo Moon and Capricorn Rising

Sun in Pisces with Moon in Virgo and Capricorn Rising Personality Traits:

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Capricorn Rising

With a Pisces Sun Virgo Moon, are you an artist who is impossible to pin down, or are you a down-to-earth realist? Do you want to take everything apart and put it under a microscope, or do you want to stand back and capture the grand design? 

Having a Pisces Sun Virgo Moon, your personality is a potentially very creative combination as it is a confrontation between intuition and reason, imagination and practical logic, the capacity for infinite understanding, and for fastidiously precise judgments. You get an overall ‘feel’ for things – people or ideas – and then your fine analytical mind comes into play, putting your hunches to work in precise ways. The true essence of a person or situation speaks to your heart in a manner that defies scientific explanation. You then mold your behavior in a modest, conscientious way that serves the emotional impression which has moved you.

When you get it together, you have natural organizational gifts. The broad brush stroke and the fine line detail come equally easy to you, giving you an ability to hold the wider vision whilst attending to specifics. When you are able to combine your accurate sense of detail with your rich imagination, and your instinct for duty with your romantic, intuitive grasp of life’s meaning, you can be a powerful force for good and an accurate barometer of soundness in people, policies and ideas.

The dilemma in you between your instinct to keep your feet on the ground and your desire simply to escape from life’s pressures can be very strong. As the saying about Pisces goes, you cannot stand too much reality. This is due to your extreme sensitivity, and you need to be careful about what kind of atmospheres you live and work in. Crass and cruel traits in people can really get you down, yet you do sympathize with suffering, and want progress in real terms. You will happily work for the goals of improving social conditions, offering the principles and practices that re- store health, helping lives become more sane and worth living.

The health of mind and body is often a primary interest. You know that you can- not have one without the other. Because you are a full-Moon personality, however, the interaction between your irrational, emotional nature and your instinct for orderly categorization of experience may at first be felt as difficult, and the two sides of you may seem irreconcilable. Your feelings and hunches may lead you in a direction you feel you must defend logically, and so you end up weaving intricate arguments that make your philosophy believable. If it makes sense to you, then it is al- right. An individualist with a deep moral conviction about all you do, you are not, however, inflexible or dogmatic. Your views develop with experience, your outlook changes, your compassion deepens whilst your sense of duty remains intact.

A mystic can be defined as someone whose head is in Heaven and whose feet are on Earth. And that is a trick you manage with admirable ease, moving between the loftiest visions and their most down-to-earth and prosaic implementation. This combination of mysticism and matter-of-factness makes you one of those rare individuals who feels at home in almost any environment.

Keywords For A Pisces Sun Virgo Moon:

Analysis and synthesis; wide-ranging mind; good memory; nervous and fretful; thoughtful; witty; analytical; perceptive; kind; large-minded but good with detail; discerning but forgiving; an artist-scientist; a logical meta-physician; a quiet thinker; ironic; humorous; refined tastes; devoted servant. 

Capricorn Rising

If you have Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a serious turn of mind. One would not call you melancholy, but you certainly aren’t frivolous. Cautious in your dealings, you are reluctant to commit yourself until you know the score. With strangers you are often quiet, reserved, and perhaps a bit shy. But once you open up you can be lively, friendly, warm, and expressive.

Capricorn Rising individuals have strong personalities, possess great willpower and determination, and diligently pursue their goals. These goals are usually for a better life—money, status, a higher standing in the community for your family. It’s important to you to feel that your life is meaningful.

With Capricorn Rising, you have self-esteem and are reliable, dependable, and stable. Sometimes, though, you will strive toward a goal and when you achieve it will still not be happy. You have a sense that something is missing, and you continue your search.

Having Capricorn Rising, you have an active mind with quick intelligence and an ability to concentrate. You can ferret out information, see flaws in a plan, and map things out ahead in detail. Sometimes you may be accused of being too calculating, because you add up all the pros and cons before embarking on a project. If an opponent has a weakness, you are also quick to spot it—and not entirely above using it to your advantage.

With Capricorn Rising, you tend to fuss over details to make sure all contingencies have been covered. It’s your way of being in control—you don’t want bad luck to catch you unprepared. Capricorn Rising individuals are worriers; in youth you worry about life, in old age about death. In middle age you worry about success.

It isn’t always easy for Capricorn Rising individuals to show their feelings, though powerful feelings do exist. You love deeply, are loyal and protective, and go out of your way to do kind deeds for others. However, you are often torn by jealousy and resentment (which you hide), and down deep you never really forgive someone who does you an injury.

As an individual with Capricorn Rising, what you achieve is mainly through your own efforts rather than through the influence of others. Though it happens that Capricorn Rising individuals seem to benefit financially through marriage, your own hard work within the union is largely responsible for your gain.

With Capricorn Rising there is often a rivalry with brothers and sisters, or some kind of disagreement with their fathers. As an individual with Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a small, well-shaped head, deep and penetrating eyes, and a beautiful smile with good-looking teeth. You have strong feet and usually enjoy walking or jogging.

The planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Saturn bestows discipline, ambition, patience, determination, good endurance, and carefulness. It also encourages stubbornness, hardship, melancholy, aloofness, pessimism, and selfishness.

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