Gemini Sun with Taurus Moon and Leo Rising

Sun in Gemini with Moon in Taurus and Leo Rising Personality Traits:

Gemini Sun Taurus Moon Leo Rising

For the Gemini Sun Taurus Moon individual, your Taurus Moon stabilizes Gemini flightiness. No matter how far out you may seem at times, you never lose your underlying emotional stability and direction. Your Gemini personality may get you into situations you’d rather forget, but your Taurus inner nature keeps you bouncing back, fresh and ready to take on new challenges.

Ideally, this is the combination of one who can bring original and innovative ideas into reality. Unfortunately, many Gemini Sun Taurus Moon individuals have trouble learning from their past mistakes. Because both signs of the Gemini Sun Taurus Moon combination are spring signs, you may have a hard time relinquishing childhood behavior patterns. You may always retain your youth—both in looks and manner—making it particularly difficult for you to shake off all your ties to childhood.

Your Taurus Moon gives you a strong need for security, but your adventurous Gemini nature often undermines this quest. Even when you feel you have finally found your anchor—in a home, a spouse, or a job—it’s not long before you are longing for something new. You never seem to be fully satisfied. Curiosity and the need for change often force you to abandon what you have worked hard to establish. Try to be less impulsive. If you succumb to that constant craving for variety and adventure, your life may be eventful, but in the end you’ll have little to look back upon. Also, learn to respect your own achievements, even if they seem to come quickly and easily.

With a Gemini Sun Taurus Moon, personality is one of your strong points. You can work your way into the affections of the coldest person, and your quick wit and buoyant spirits cheer and inspire everyone you meet. Your combination also suggests upward mobility and sophistication—no matter what your background, you have probably risen above it. An innate sense of pride and dignity set you apart from the crowd.

That analytical Gemini mind of yours is complemented by a kind and compassionate emotional nature. The Gemini Sun Taurus Moon individual is often everyone’s amateur psychologist, offering advice which is usually practical worldly-wise.

Having a Gemini Sun Taurus Moon you are versatile and intelligent. You have many talents which can be applied in many fields. Your Gemini need to communicate and your Taurus sense of form, structure, and aesthetics can be combined in such fields as architecture, writing, and music. Frank Lloyd Wright and Bob Dylan are two examples of individuals with a Gemini Sun Taurus Moon. Your insight can be put to use in psychology, social service, and human relations. You are excellent at managing and organizing, and there is also business and marketing aptitude in your combination.

Stay socially active. Variety and excitement are vital to you. Withdrawal or isolation can be very dangerous to your psychological health—you need people around to share your thoughts and feelings.

As an individual with a Gemini Sun Taurus Moon, you are very romantic, with a strong need to be loved and appreciated, so it is important that you find a partner who can share your interests, fan your intellectual fires, and, most of all, satisfy your need for diversity.

Keywords For A Gemini Sun Taurus Moon:

Sensual yet intellectual; flirtatious yet faithful; practical, applied intelligence; reasonably unreasonable; practical communicator; artist; business and entrepreneurial flair; determined and loyal. 

Leo Rising

Leo Rising signifies nobility of character, high ideals, and great personal magnetism. If you have Leo rising, you are big-hearted, expansive, benevolent, and kind. You consider it beneath you to stoop to pettiness, grumbling, stinginess, or narrow-mindedness. Because you are so magnanimous in spirit, you find it hard to believe ill of others.

Of course, the world does not always live up to anyone’s expectations, and Leo Rising individuals are puzzled and hurt by meanness and un-generosity. At such times you simply put on your regal air and make sure the underlying knows in what contempt and low esteem he or she is held.

Having Leo Rising, you have a great sense of showmanship. You love to put on lavish displays—whether it is decorating your house with expensive and elegant things or dressing in attention-getting clothes or throwing a splendid dinner party. To less flamboyant types you may appear ostentatious, show-offy, and extravagant. But your showy displays are not only to get attention; you see life in larger-than-life terms and aspire to the highest and the best. This quality draws others to you and, in itself, attracts power and influence.

Leo Rising individuals seem surrounded by luck in money, career, and friendship. You are not an especially hard worker but tend to achieve success through the influence and pull of others. Fame and fortune come to you when you aren’t looking for it.

With Leo Rising, you are efficient at organizing groups of people and inspiring them to give their best. You are happiest in the role of leader. In fact, you feel wounded if your public doesn’t put you in that position.

When not given what you feel is your due, you can turn haughty, temperamental, and arrogant. Leo is the sign of pride, and Leo Rising individuals have this in abundance. You are self-confident and have a resolute faith in yourself.

There is a basic likeableness about you, partly because you give a distinct impression that life is fun. You have a wonderful sense of humor. (Note: Leo Rising individuals have a particularly soft spot for children and spoil them outrageously.)

As a Leo Rising individual, you tend to have a large, beautifully shaped head, thick shining hair, a dazzling smile with bright, even teeth, and a stately bearing. Many of you are benefited by an inheritance later in your lives. Whatever path you choose to follow, you usually emerge on the sunny side of the hill.

The Sun, which rules Leo, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of the Sun bestows enthusiasm, generosity, power, warmth, creative self-expression, passion, and courage. It also encourages egotism, arrogance, snobbism, conceit, pomposity, and condescension.

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