Gemini Sun with Sagittarius Moon and Cancer Rising

Sun in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius and Cancer Rising Personality Traits:

Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon Cancer Rising

With a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon, you are brilliant and inspired, but also naïve and impulsive, like the Fool in the Tarot deck you either discover and explore brave new worlds or you fall over the precipice. Maybe you weren’t born yesterday, but there are times when you get up in the morning and see the world as if for the first time. Your perennial optimism has already dispatched yesterday’s mishap or catastrophe from your memory.

Having a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon, your fantastic scope of vision, imagination, intellect, and enthusiasm is enough to keep ten or twelve people busy for a lifetime, but no matter how brilliant you may be, it takes everything you can muster just to keep yourself together. Impulsiveness, impatience, senseless rebellion, and extravagance are the traits that so often undermine your work and dreams.

As an individual with a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon, you are freedom-loving, you despise any form of restriction. The open road is a lot more tempting to you than the drudgery of a routine job or the confinement of a classroom. To you, life is something to be experienced and enjoyed, and you want to find out what it’s all about on your own—never mind the lessons learned by your predecessors.

A true rebel without a cause, you reject anything that hints of conformity or orthodoxy. Impulsive to the point of foolhardiness, how many times have you abandoned something in which you were completely immersed, just to follow the call of something that seemed more exciting and exotic?

Having a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon, controlling your restlessness, organizing your goals, and developing the discipline and concentration to follow through on them are the lessons you must learn. If you don’t have fun, don’t blame the astrologer. At the end of the line, all you may have is a head full of adventurous mishaps to tell your grandchildren about. But, maybe that’s just how you want it!

The Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon combination can produce brilliant scientists, scholars, artists, and philosophers. In fact, there is very little you can’t do once you’ve mastered willpower and self-control. The best way for you to generate that discipline is to put yourself into an organized, well-structured, working/learning framework. This does not mean that you have to give up that soldier-of-fortune spirit; it just means that you should learn to channel it usefully.

With a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon you have the tendency to be gullible, it’s advisable that you associate more with well-organized and determined people, try hanging out with a few ambitious Capricorns, work-oriented Virgos, or industrious Taureans, and stay away from flighty fellow Geminis and Sagittarians.

Having a Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon you are romantic and sensual, you like variety in your love life, and this may be why you have a love-them-and-leave-them reputation. Fixing your affections on one person is about as difficult as fixing your ambitions and goals in life. Although you have high standards of loyalty and honor, you are usually the first to betray them.

Keywords For A Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon:

Inquisitive; intellectual; independent; flamboyant communicator; out-spoken; impatient; friendly; reverence for ancient learning; love of journeys; seeking; open to experience; emotionally immature but spontaneous; the eternal student; the scholar. 

Cancer Rising

If you have Cancer Rising, you are very sensitive to emotional signals from other people. You have extraordinary insight into human motivation. There is a reserve about you that is sometimes difficult to penetrate, but underneath is a warm, affectionate, loving, and giving nature.

With Cancer Rising, you are adaptable to different kinds of people even though you are not liable to make instant friendships. It takes a while for you to let someone get really close.

Cancer Rising individuals tend to moodiness, and others may not always find you in a receptive frame of mind. Sometimes you can be crabby and impatient and exhibit a snappish temper. You are touchy, and others have to be careful of what they say lest they hurt your feelings. Your sensitivities are so heightened that you sometimes take offense where none was intended.

However, with Cancer Rising, this same sensitivity is what sets you apart from the crowd. You possess great imagination and awareness. Many Cancer Rising individuals are extraordinarily gifted as writers, poets, and painters. Because you are so tuned in to the nuances of other people’s motivations, you are able to absorb what others are feeling and thinking. You pick up opinions, thoughts, facts from all around you and, being very clever and practical (as well as visionary), you are able to put all this information to work for you.

Cancer Rising individuals are also clever with money, prudent and cautious, and have a native shrewdness in business. You know how to make wise investments and where to get the best value. Though you usually have to climb the ladder through your own efforts (rather than the efforts of others), you are likely to accumulate material success as the years go by.

You won’t hog the spotlight, but on the other hand you want public recognition for your talents. With Cancer Rising, acclaim and applause can be hard to come by, so you tend to have a way of feeling sorry for yourself. You complain that the world does not appreciate you, but your complaint is usually an effort to win reassurance that quite the opposite is true.

As a Cancer Rising you have obstacles in your path, especially when young. However, as you surmount each difficulty and succeed (Cancer Rising has great tenacity of purpose), you become stronger and more self-assured.

If you have Cancer Rising, you are likely to have a round expressive face, pale luminous eyes, slender arms and legs, and a rolling gait to your walk. Your body may be thickset through the middle, and you are prone toward putting on weight as you get older.

The Moon, which rules Cancer, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of the Moon bestows kindness, imagination, sympathy, deep emotion, an ability to cherish and protect, a retentive memory. It also encourages laziness, inconstancy, restlessness, passivity, and untidiness.

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