Capricorn Sun with Cancer Moon: The Tough Guy

Sun in Capricorn with Moon in Cancer Personality Traits:

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

With a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, on the surface, you try hard to maintain a tough, cool, and detached image, but despite that nonchalant air, you are actually a very sensitive and emotionally vulnerable individual. Insecurity is your main stumbling block. In order to contend with those deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty, you can either resign yourself to despair and cynicism or build a tough shell to protect yourself from hurt and anguish. Janis Joplin was a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, and her tough, hard-drinking, one-of-the-guys image was widely, if belatedly, recognized as a cover-up for her genuine depth and sensitivity.

The Sun and Moon in the Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon combination are in opposite signs, which makes it likely that your early environment was strife-torn or at least unsympathetic. This fostered in you a strong sense of self-reliance and independence (and perhaps as cynical outlook).

Having a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, many of your insecurities are traceable to your childhood. Your challenge is to begin to recognize your sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness and to allow your true self to blossom. You are a capable individual. Value yourself and your talents. Self-acceptance and self-love are the two critical things for a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon individual to learn.

You are warmhearted and compassionate—and in many ways ingenious. Your ability to see beyond surface impressions and your adaptability to change enable you to create new modes of understanding. Your only enemy on the road to success will be yourself; once you overcome self-doubt, there is little you cannot do. The revolutionary physicist and mystic Isaac Newton was a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon.

As an individual with a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, you have a remarkable memory and a sharp wit. You see details that elude the most acute observer, and you are blunt and outspoken in pointing them out. The Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon combination endows you with excellent leadership potential and much charisma, yet you seldom take advantage of this strength. Set apart from the crowd as you are, you choose neither to lead nor to be led. Essentially, you are an independent type, preferring the comfort of going at it alone. Such self-imposed exile can develop into profound loneliness and isolation when added to that melancholy outlook of yours. It is essential for you to stay somewhat active socially, even if you are your own boss.

With a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, you have an overpowering need to be loved, but emotional difficulties may stand in the way of a successful and equal love relationship. That sensitive, aloof façade of yours turn a lot of people off. People will respond to whatever vibrations you put out, so try to show more warmth and affection—if you want to receive it.

Keywords for a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon:

Tough and tender; sensitivity and self-control; ambitious; highly observant; self-absorbed yet kind and helpful; supportive; conservative yet open to  new ideas; pragmatic; loves nature. 

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