Cancer Sun with Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Rising

Sun in Cancer with Moon in Scorpio and Aquarius Rising Personality Traits:

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Aquarius Rising

An individual with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon is not the timid, introverted, or an insecure Cancer one often reads about. You may seem unprepossessing and even modest, but it is not hard to discern your true inner shrewdness and tenacity.

With a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, underneath that cool image of yours is a very intense, forceful, and determined individual. Personal magnetism and self-confidence combine to help assure your success in life. Luck also has something to do with it, because for the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual things just seem to come easier. Whether on the tennis court or in the boardroom, you always seem to win, garnering respect and gaining influence.

For the individual with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, your Cancerian protective shell creates an aura of intrigue and mystery about you. You guard your thoughts and feelings, revealing nothing that may expose your inner self. But you are, in fact, a very emotional individual. Your responses and reactions are based almost entirely upon how you happen to feel about the persona you are dealing with or the situation you are handling.

Reason be damned; for the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual, intuition or gut reaction makes all the decisions. And, amazingly, you always seem to be right; shrewd and perceptive, you can sense who is trustworthy or when to take a risk.

Having a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, you take yourself so very seriously that it can be risky making fun of you. You yourself, however, are quite adept at sensing other people’s weak spots and would never be shy about pointing them out—bluntly, sarcastically, and, at times, cruelly. Exercise a little tact along with that sense of humor.

Of all the Cancer combinations, the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon combination is one of the most prone to depression and morbidity. Learn to deal honestly with your emotions. Be less secretive with your feelings of hostility or hurt. It is better to deal with your problems up front than to surrender to silent sulking or to harbor a grudge.

With a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, life for you is seen as a constant battle. Suspicious and on guard, you are the tireless general, constantly planning your moves. You have an incredible memory, and you are never wrong. If someone should cross you, you’ll sit back, wait a while, and then plan your vengeance. A Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual is not above malice, pettiness, and vindictiveness.

For the individual with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, like other highly competitive and aggressive individuals, you want to experience everything. Sensual and self-indulgent, you pursue your pleasures as tenaciously and lustily as you pursue your professional endeavors.

Having a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, there is also a deeply compassionate side to your nature. You have a protective impulse towards those weaker than yourself, and at some point in your life you have probably felt strong religious yearnings. All Moon in Scorpio natives are capable of soaring to spiritual and intellectual heights, but more often they prefer to probe the depths because it’s a lot more fun.

A shrewd realist, you work best where the competition is tough and the goals are well-defined. Business, marketing, advertising, and other highly competitive endeavors are well suited to your determined, pragmatic, and materialistic nature. You usually end up getting your way and outsmarting your opponents.

With a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, you are intensely sensual, and a healthy sex life is important to your overall well-being. Though not particularly romantic, you are nevertheless a very kind, giving, and an affectionate partner. Guard against being overly possessive and jealous towards the one you love.

Keywords For A Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon:

Intensely emotional; perceptive; self-protective; self-centered;  secretive; investigative mind; romantic; sensual; magnetic; dramatic; compelling  personality; possessive; resourceful; tenacious; daring. 

Aquarius Rising

If you have Aquarius Rising, you usually make friends easily. You are quick-witted and lively, open in your dealings, honest and truthful. You are an inventive conversationalist who paints word pictures that amuse and fascinate. Intelligent and charming, you are particularly suited to a position of leadership.

With Aquarius Rising, you are idealistic in your outlook and want nothing more than for the entire world to be happy and harmonious. Even the idea of conflict upsets you. You want to see the best in humanity and are hopeful about the future.

As an individual with Aquarius Rising, though you have a reputation for fairness and tolerance, there is a strong streak of inflexibility in your nature. Much of this is the impatience you feel toward those who do not have your visionary or lofty ideas.

Aquarius Rising individuals are modern, forward-thinking, and progressive, yet you are as set in your ways as Capricorn or Taurus. One could say that you hold firmly far-out opinions. The choice for most people is to accept society as they find it or try to improve it. You want to construct a new society that will correspond to your vision of the ideal.

Having Aquarius Rising, you are often intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and can be wickedly sarcastic and very funny at the same time. Your razor-sharp powers of observation help you to uncover flaws that you can poke fun at.

With Aquarius Rising, you are a system of paradoxes. You enjoy being with people but are perfectly content to be alone. You like to travel but love relaxing at home. You are friendly and outgoing but, at other times, moody and reserved. You have both a scientific and an artistic turn of mind. In your career, you often are involved in two distinct areas of work. Fame comes rather easily to Aquarius Rising individuals, and many times it is just as easily taken away from them. Your life tends to be marked by unexpected triumphs and reversals.

When good fortune smiles there is often a dark underside to it. For example, many Aquarius Rising individuals inherit money, but it often turns out that the legal entanglements are more trouble than the inheritance is worth.

Aquarius Rising individuals approach new places and situations with a spirit of adventure, even though the spirit does tend to wear thin. You become quickly bored. With Aquarius Rising, you usually marry early in life and find contentment with their mates. Though most of you are comfortably off by the time you reach middle age, you never quite make all the money you’d like. Friends are helpful to you in both career and personal matters.

As an individual with Aquarius Rising, you tend to have a wide forehead, fine bone structure in your face, and dreamy, wandering eyes. Many of you are quite tall and rangy-looking.

The planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Uranus bestows independence, originality, friendliness, a reforming spirit, versatility, and a hatred of restriction. It also encourages rebellion, unpredictability, tactlessness, eccentricity, and contrariness.

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