Cancer Sun with Aquarius Moon and Virgo Rising

Sun in Cancer with Moon in Aquarius and Virgo Rising Personality Traits:

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon Virgo Rising

In the Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon combination, Cancer’s depth and sensitivity are focused on exploring new frontiers. Ideally the combination of the concerned and devoted politician, humanitarian, or scientist, it can also produce the eccentric crank and fanatic.

With a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon, the offbeat and unusual imagination of your sets you apart from your fellow Cancerians. There is nothing very cautious about you, since you are the first to try something new and exotic. Independent in thought and spirit, your deep inner restlessness pushes you on— either to lasting accomplishment or senseless rebellion.

Having a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon, your intuition and perceptions are remarkably keen. You’ve always got a ready answer or opinion, and this may be why others find you somewhat arrogant and presumptuous.

If you’re an individual with a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon, you are always one or two steps ahead of everyone else, so you become impatient with those who fail to see things your way, or who cannot grasp the truth you may have just miraculously uncovered. This impatience and intellectual snobbery can be your downfall. Determined to pursue your own unique path toward wisdom, truth, and self-fulfillment, your total indifference to the opinions of others may cause you to lose out on much of what life has to offer.

Mental confusion haunts many Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon individuals. In the classroom, at work, or in conversation, your mind tends to drift. Starry-eyed, you dream about some new idea or uncompleted project when you should be paying attention. Your curiosity is endless and finding something engrossing enough to hold your attention for a while is difficult.

As with all Moon in Aquarius natives, you probably feel a strong sense of mission. In youth, you no doubt saw yourself as something of a white knight, righting wrongs and helping others through your virtue and understanding. Reality and the eventual recognition of your own limitations either fostered a more realistic perspective or led to a sense of disillusionment and, perhaps, bitterness. You may have become something of a cynic.

It’s possible for a disgruntled Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon individual to immerse themselves in some fringe group that promises nirvana. Fanaticism or passionate dedication to a cause or ideology may be tempting last resort for disenchanted natives of this combination.

Fortunately, most Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon individual do find their mission in life. With your scientific bent and wild imagination, you may very likely pursue technical or scientific career, although your strong social consciousness could lead you into political, legal, or humanitarian endeavors.

Having a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon, you treat those you love as comrades and you expect equality in romance. You are a tolerant, trusting, and generous partner—but let’s face it, you’re not very easy to live with. Of all the Cancer combinations, the Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon combination is best known for irritability, moodiness, and unpredictable temper tantrums. Your patience has a very well-defined threshold, and when you feel you’ve put up with enough, you let everyone know about it, particularly the one you love.

Keywords For A Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon:

Feeling v. thinking; past and future; humanitarian; concern for public welfare; generous spirit; family of man; sociable; kind-hearted; nurturing the world;  openness and honesty; mentally acute; encouraging; popular, wholehearted and direct; visionary; tolerant; protects the under-dog, shrewd; a love of symbols. 

Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising indicates an analytical outlook. Though the degree of emotionalism depends on other influences in your birth chart, it is generally through the mind that you perceive the world. This is not to say you are cold and insensitive. Indeed, the opposite is true, for Virgo Rising individuals have deep and tender emotions and care a great deal about others.

However, with Virgo Rising, it is the process of thinking logically that gives you the deepest satisfaction. You appreciate the finely tuned mechanics of sifting through facts and information, finding the truth of the matter, and introducing order and reason into almost any situation.

Virgo Rising individuals are rather fixed in opinion, but not so inflexible that they will not change their minds upon careful review of opposing facts. To you, the cardinal sin is to be ignorant of one’s ignorance.

Having Virgo Rising, a fault sometimes is your inability to put things in perspective, a proclivity for getting bogged down in small details and losing sight of the big picture. You magnify the importance of a petty detail and then become resentful if others fail to see its significance.

As an individual with Virgo Rising, work is important to you, and you usually accomplish a great deal during your lifetime. Often you are at war within yourself, both wanting things to come easily and needing to achieve solely through your own efforts. Control—both of self and of events—is what makes you feel secure. As it turns out, most Virgo Rising individuals do gain through their own hard work rather than through the influence of others.

With Virgo Rising, you have a charm and elegance that is difficult to pin down. You are not always easy to know intimately. Your shyness and aloofness (sometimes well disguised by a social veneer) must be penetrated by anyone who wishes to become truly close. Emotionally, it’s hard for you to show your feelings, though a great deal is always going on under the surface.

As children, with Virgo Rising, you sometimes suffer from poor health. Happily, health improves the older you get. For many of you, a marriage partner brings property or wealth. Later in life Virgo Rising individuals frequently become property owners, often in a foreign country. Success for you is often linked to dealings in and travel to places far from home.

As a Virgo Rising individual, you tend to have a gentle, oval face, eyes that sweep around a room and take in everything, and a body that gives the impression of frailty but is actually very strong.

The planet Mercury, which rules Virgo, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Mercury bestows a logical mind, acute powers of observation, an intellectual outlook, perception, and a flair for science and writing. It also encourages fussiness, a nervous temperament, sarcasm, fault-finding, and worry.

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