Aries Sun with Libra Moon and Virgo Rising

Sun in Aries with Moon in Libra and Virgo Rising Personality Traits:

Aries Sun Libra Moon Virgo Rising

With an Aries Sun Libra Moon, you’ve got a restless spirit! Independent and naturally rebellious, you find it difficult to sit still for long and it is a rare Aries Sun Libra Moon individual who is not involved in at least a dozen major activities. You are an extreme individualist and you want to find out about life and yourself—but on your own terms and in your own peculiar way.

Having an Aries Sun Libra Moon, you are charming and exuberant, and others are attracted to you because you are “different,” because you exude so much vitality and confidence. You consider yourself an adventurer of sorts, and in many respects you are.

Never content to sit back and dream about excitement or romance, an Aries Sun Libra Moon individual will go out and find it. Naturally inquisitive, you feel the constant impulse to explore every nook and cranny, and you are quick to point out your latest findings despite the fact that others may have discovered the same things long before you were on the scene.

With an Aries Sun Libra Moon, you often seem insensitive. Actually, you are by no means insensitive; it’s just that you want everyone to do things and see things your way—which makes it difficult for you to cooperate with those around you.

For the Aries Sun Libra Moon individual, impulse and intuition often rule your actions, and reason and sound advice are of secondary importance. How many times have you abandoned something you’ve been working on to follow some romantic or exotic whim?

Having an Aries Sun Libra Moon, concentration can be the hardest thing for you to learn. You may have the intelligence to be a great scholar, but it’s unlikely anyone will ever you sitting behind a desk. Your kind of determination is more likely to get you into trouble than lead you to genuine accomplishment.

With an Aries Sun Libra Moon, you’ll never lose that spirit of adventure (fortunately), but you may feel a continuing dissatisfaction or anxiety as time goes by. Inner restlessness accounts for a lot of it, but it’s more the result of the difficulty you have in focusing your ardor and enthusiasm upon one goal and seeing it through to completion. That constant hankering for adventure is just another way of running away from yourself and avoiding responsibility.

If you have an Aries Sun Libra Moon, the challenge for you is to find some field that fulfills your need for variety and excitement. As you are so independent, you work best on your own or in partnership with someone who is cautious and discriminating and can check your impulsive tendencies. You also have a wonderful aesthetic sense, and all endeavors involving imagery, art, and design are excellent for the Aries Sun Libra Moon individual.

The Aries Sun Libra Moon combination is in opposition, which makes you subject to mood swings— elated and enthusiastic one moment, depressed and anxious the next. Try to avoid overly stressful or intense situations that set off this tendency. Meditation and outer forms of relaxation are excellent ways for you to release built-up tension and soothe those frayed nerves.

With an Aries Sun Libra Moon, you are sensual and responsive to the needs of your partner, and deeply romantic. A successful relationship is indispensable to your emotional well-being, and you must have a partner with whom you can share and communicate. Male Aries Sun Libra Moon individuals may idealize women; females with this combination may find conflict between their urge to dominate and their need to be passive. Both are highly sexed and only emotional difficulties stand in the way of their forming good relationships.

Keywords For An Aries Sun Libra Moon:

Forthright; charming; ingenious; eager for life; apparently confident but inwardly indecisive; gregarious; convivial; amorous; chivalrous; idealistic; intellectually precocious; self-centered but kind-hearted; emotionally naïve; vacillates between independence and dependence. 

Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising indicates an analytical outlook. Though the degree of emotionalism depends on other influences in your birth chart, it is generally through the mind that you perceive the world. This is not to say you are cold and insensitive. Indeed, the opposite is true, for Virgo Rising individuals have deep and tender emotions and care a great deal about others.

However, with Virgo Rising, it is the process of thinking logically that gives you the deepest satisfaction. You appreciate the finely tuned mechanics of sifting through facts and information, finding the truth of the matter, and introducing order and reason into almost any situation.

Virgo Rising individuals are rather fixed in opinion, but not so inflexible that they will not change their minds upon careful review of opposing facts. To you, the cardinal sin is to be ignorant of one’s ignorance.

Having Virgo Rising, a fault sometimes is your inability to put things in perspective, a proclivity for getting bogged down in small details and losing sight of the big picture. You magnify the importance of a petty detail and then become resentful if others fail to see its significance.

As an individual with Virgo Rising, work is important to you, and you usually accomplish a great deal during your lifetime. Often you are at war within yourself, both wanting things to come easily and needing to achieve solely through your own efforts. Control—both of self and of events—is what makes you feel secure. As it turns out, most Virgo Rising individuals do gain through their own hard work rather than through the influence of others.

With Virgo Rising, you have a charm and elegance that is difficult to pin down. You are not always easy to know intimately. Your shyness and aloofness (sometimes well disguised by a social veneer) must be penetrated by anyone who wishes to become truly close. Emotionally, it’s hard for you to show your feelings, though a great deal is always going on under the surface.

As children, with Virgo Rising, you sometimes suffer from poor health. Happily, health improves the older you get. For many of you, a marriage partner brings property or wealth. Later in life Virgo Rising individuals frequently become property owners, often in a foreign country. Success for you is often linked to dealings in and travel to places far from home.

As a Virgo Rising individual, you tend to have a gentle, oval face, eyes that sweep around a room and take in everything, and a body that gives the impression of frailty but is actually very strong.

The planet Mercury, which rules Virgo, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Mercury bestows a logical mind, acute powers of observation, an intellectual outlook, perception, and a flair for science and writing. It also encourages fussiness, a nervous temperament, sarcasm, fault-finding, and worry.

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