Aquarius Sun with Sagittarius Moon and Aries Rising

Sun in Aquarius with Moon in Sagittarius and Aries Rising Personality Traits:

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Aries Rising

With an Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon, your fine intellectual grasp makes you a natural leader, or at least a leading thinker, in your social circle. You easily assume this role because you are unafraid of speaking your mind, not because you want the responsibility of leadership. You believe that uncompromising courage and independence of character is the birthright and norm of all peoples, and it takes you a while to learn that more emotional, fragile souls feel differently. Timid folk admire your forthright, noble style and many will envy your easy confidence. Likewise, however, people occasionally suffer from your tactlessness as you charge full steam ahead into your next exciting and worthy project.

As an individual with an Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon, you will attract many admirers and friends, people who know that you do not compromise with Truth, and that what they see and hear is what they will get. Optimistic, forward-thinking, something of a visionary in many ways, your exceptional integrity makes your deductions, opinions and viewpoints all the more valuable and weighty in effect.

With an Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon, you are a natural teacher and moral authority, you thrive in areas where your intellect is stretched and where your inventiveness can express itself. Film and theatre work is also a natural place for you to express your idealism and flair for the unusual. Sometimes you appear detached and imperious, with the result that others may not challenge or enter into debate with you since you are, without realizing it or wanting to be, a little high-minded and abstract.

Something of an eccentric absent-minded professor, you have a robust, gregarious, inspirational personality with tons of magnetism, and a need for substantial variety, adventure, and intellectual challenge in your life. Physical challenge will interest you, too – anything that gets you out into the wide, open spaces.

Keywords For An Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon:

Independent; philosophical mind; gregarious; adventurous; rebellious; humanitarian; intellectual; inspirational; social concerns; urge for expansion; verbose; big-hearted; tactless; confident; good teacher; optimistic; zany humor. 

Aries Rising

Aries is a very strong Rising sign. If you were born with Aries Rising, you are adventurous and pioneering. You like to take on the role of a leader, even if the leadership is in a small area. For example, in your friendships you are the one who tries to dictate where you will meet, what restaurant or movie you will go to. An Aries Rising child will be the most domineering and ego-centered among his or her brothers and sisters.

With Aries Rising you have strong likes and dislikes and are never shy about expressing them. Your dealings are straightforward and honest. You are uncomfortable with lies, fraud, and elaborate deceptions. You will always try to get right to the point, say whatever is on your mind, and see what happens.

As an individual with Aries Rising, there is a contagious enthusiasm about you. You are an activist and doer rather than a thinker. Warm, generous, lively, you have a very friendly people-oriented quality. You like to be noticed.

Sometimes Aries Rising people have a reputation as troublemakers. This is not because you are malicious (quite the opposite is true). But you like to throw off old, conservative ways of doing things and try a new, brasher, more direct approach.

With Aries Rising, you plunge right into whatever the problem is and give it your best. As far as you’re concerned, obstacles are just there to be butted down. However, if the obstacle won’t move you won’t butt your head off. You will quickly lose interest and bound off to find a new challenge, & further excitement.

Having Aries Rising, you may be a groundbreaker, but if you should get stuck in the middle of a furrow, you’ll drop the plow and move on to new ground. Aries is the sign of beginnings. What you’re really best at is the beginning of a job. You have exuberance, verve, and energy. Once you master an idea, you won’t stick around until all the how-to-do-its are in place.

Aries Rising individuals are accident-prone. Because you are impulsive and quick to rush in headlong, you usually don’t look where you are going. You tend to trip and fall, bump into things, cut yourself. Often your face and head are more prone to injury than other parts of your body.

As a person with Aries Rising, you are likely to have a flashing smile, piercing eyes that move quickly from object to object, gold or reddish coloring in the skin or hair, a muscular body, and an agile quick movement to your step.

The planet Mars, which rules Aries, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Mars bestows great willpower, stamina, an aggressive sex drive, and a need for achievement and recognition. It also brings on strain, tension, conflict, selfishness, a quick temper, and accidents with fire and sharp instruments.

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