Aquarius Sun with Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Rising

Sun in Aquarius with Moon in Cancer and Sagittarius Rising Personality Traits:

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon Sagittarius Rising

With an Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon, are you the sort of person who sets out to buy a book on homemade wine but returns with a treatise on the future of modern society? And why is it that when you feel like putting your feet up by the fire with cakes just like mother used to make, you end up spending the evening at the local charity meeting? It is something to do with your fondness for folks and the warm popularity that this brings you. You cannot help getting involved in some way because you were born with a very developed social conscience. You possess a healthy self-respect and feel that others deserve the same, no matter where they come from.

Although you may have eccentric ideas, you are blessed with the common touch; you can listen with great perception and respond with understanding and sensitivity. Your heart yearns for shared intimacy but your head pursues objective truth and collective concerns. Although you have a logical, scientific mind, you are actually drawn to things because of your great feeling for them. It is this personal feeling for larger causes and for the family of man that you are able to communicate to people, and therefore you are capable of truly motivating the masses.

Having an Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon, when at peace with yourself, you possess a most pleasantly paradoxical personality, for you are a friendly, modern, future-oriented visionary whose inspiration derives from the cradle of the past. Wherever you have belonged – in terms of family, community, or nation – you will carry it with you as a central inner drama into your future.

Traditional values inform all you do, even if you are not consciously aware of them, and irrespective of whether you kick against them or embrace them utterly. It is easy for you to get attached to beliefs and to remain unaware of the influence of your security needs. But one of your potentially great strengths is holding and honoring the best values from the past without becoming a slave to them, for your Aquarian spirit is two steps ahead of everyone else, and must feel free to add its unique contribution.

With an Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon, you come into your own where the personal and impersonal meet, where your personal feelings, lofty ideals and social conscience can work fruitfully together, as in teaching, politics, social work, art, literature or drama. You will aim to justify your love of something by studying and analyzing it, and finding out how it is valid for others. In this way, you often end up universalizing your personal experiences and turn them into a cause, into a mission. Your best creativity hinges on the acknowledgment that you are not only the past but also the future, not only collective but also personal, not only an observer but also a passionate participant in the panorama of life and human history.

Keywords For An Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon:

Humanitarian; vivid imagination; idealistic; compassionate and helpful; social conscience; companionable; popular; lofty emotions; progressive thinker but emotionally old-fashioned; a sensitive individualist; democratic spirit; the kind-hearted rebel; the friend of the people; the poet and the social worker. 

Sagittarius Rising

A Sagittarius Rising favors independence and freedom. You cannot bear to be stifled by outmoded ideas or difficult lovers or tedious work. You are progressive, full of optimism about the future. You are also restless in spirit, anxious to get on with the business of living, ready to accept a new challenge.

Having Sagittarius Rising, sometimes your impatience is misunderstood. Your sensitivity toward other people and your need for freedom are part of the same personality. You grant freedom to others and never try to limit or restrict another human being.

Sagittarius Rising individuals are basically humanitarians, idealists who care deeply about injustice. On a personal level, you are honest and generous to others and easily wounded when confronted with selfishness or thoughtless cruelty.

As an individual with Sagittarius Rising, it’s true that you can expect too much of your fellow man. You have a knack for making friends, for you are very open to new people and new ideas. You enjoy a spirited discussion, an exchange of opinion. (Sagittarius Rising individuals have a reputation for frankness: other people always know where they stand with you.) You are interested in research, blessed with imagination, foresight, and clear thinking.

With Sagittarius Rising, you like to travel, see new places, learn how the rest of the world lives. Usually you tend to read a great deal, watch the news, subscribe to periodicals, plug into the latest information on the computer, talk about current events with friends.

Having Sagittarius Rising, you prefer the simple life, with not too many trappings or obligations. You like money, but your real appreciation is for the independence it affords. You fear that if you take success too seriously, life will become boring. One of your problems is that you don’t measure the consequences of what you do. You are impulsive, sometimes reckless. To take action is the main thing, to do something about a problem. You don’t always stop to consider where all the activity may lead.

For the individual with Sagittarius Rising, marriage is not the most important thing in your life. Sagittarian Rising individuals have a tendency to marry the wrong person (at least once) and get into unhappy romantic situations from which they must extricate themselves. Travel is a major theme in your life, and luck surrounds you in foreign countries.

As an individual with Sagittarius Rising, you tend to have a pleasant, cheerful face, a broad forehead, bright, humorous eyes, and a friendly smile. You often make sweeping gestures with your arms and hands, and have a strong, active body.

The planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Jupiter bestows good fortune, happiness, generosity, breadth of vision, sincerity, and a genial social manner. It also encourages restlessness, self-indulgence, conceit, impatience, wastefulness, and gambling.

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