Aquarius Sun with Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Rising

Sun in Aquarius with Moon in Aquarius and Capricorn Rising Personality Traits:

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Capricorn Rising

Fascination is the key to your character. An Aquarius-Aquarius can often be recognized by that far away glint in the eye. You are constantly alert to the novel, the unseen, and the untried. High-strung and very energetic, you are always preoccupied with some new, all-consuming interest. Whether it’s deciphering ancient secrets, living among Stone Age tribes, or peering through a microscope, your curiosity and taste for the exotic are insatiable.

You can go far in life, because in your searches you may actually find something which wins you recognition. Often, however, double Aquarians become so involved in their unusual quests that they begin to lose touch with real life; or their feelings are just so far out there that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate them until many years have passed.

You possess considerable intelligence, imagination, and a special kind of intuition. Always tuned to the future, you somehow seem to know what tomorrow will bring. But you do tend to be somewhat inconsistent. Though you begin a project with single-minded dedication, your interest and enthusiasm usually fade quickly. “What are you up to this week?” is a common query put to the adventuresome and erratic double Aquarius. Your main challenge is to find an activity or pursuit which will focus and hold your attention.

Magnetic and extroverted, you are nevertheless uncertain and insecure about yourself. Friends are important to you, and it’s essential that you have many diverse, interesting associations. And associations is what they should be called. You are so detached that it’s nearly impossible for you to become truly intimate with anyone. It’s equally rare for you to hate anyone, for you like to be considered a “friend” to all. People are drawn to your uniqueness and your offbeat charm, but they can also be repelled by some of your more eccentric qualities and by your outrageous independence. There is an unpredictable quality about you that can be downright scary and may cause people to keep their distance. Let’s face it: You are a little strange and nothing is going to change that! You must learn to accept your own uniqueness; then, perhaps others will find it easier to be comfortable around you.

Professionally, you are drawn to work which allows maximum freedom and independence while satisfying your endless curiosity. Fields that might appeal to the double Aquarius include science and reporting. Your intuition can be uncanny in business; but since you are not very practical, be wary of any big financial undertakings. Although you can get along with just about anyone, your volatile temper and stubbornness hinder your ability to work under supervision or in close association with others.

You are probably very popular with members of the opposite sex, since your nervous energy and self-assurance give you a certain mystique. Nevertheless, you are always baffled by people’s interest in you. You do, however, generally reward them for their interest; you have no secrets, and you are more than willing to talk about yourself. Yours is not a very romantic combination, but you do have a strong need for companionship. As a lover, you are, above all, kind, tolerant, and forgiving.

Keywords For An Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon:

Detached friendliness; gregarious; eccentric lifestyle; independent; highly observant; clear-headed; objective; progressive thinker; scientifically oriented; helpful; well-meaning; open to the unusual; idealistic; impractical; loyal; law unto yourself. 

Capricorn Rising

If you have Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a serious turn of mind. One would not call you melancholy, but you certainly aren’t frivolous. Cautious in your dealings, you are reluctant to commit yourself until you know the score. With strangers you are often quiet, reserved, and perhaps a bit shy. But once you open up you can be lively, friendly, warm, and expressive.

Capricorn Rising individuals have strong personalities, possess great willpower and determination, and diligently pursue their goals. These goals are usually for a better life—money, status, a higher standing in the community for your family. It’s important to you to feel that your life is meaningful.

With Capricorn Rising, you have self-esteem and are reliable, dependable, and stable. Sometimes, though, you will strive toward a goal and when you achieve it will still not be happy. You have a sense that something is missing, and you continue your search.

Having Capricorn Rising, you have an active mind with quick intelligence and an ability to concentrate. You can ferret out information, see flaws in a plan, and map things out ahead in detail. Sometimes you may be accused of being too calculating, because you add up all the pros and cons before embarking on a project. If an opponent has a weakness, you are also quick to spot it—and not entirely above using it to your advantage.

With Capricorn Rising, you tend to fuss over details to make sure all contingencies have been covered. It’s your way of being in control—you don’t want bad luck to catch you unprepared. Capricorn Rising individuals are worriers; in youth you worry about life, in old age about death. In middle age you worry about success.

It isn’t always easy for Capricorn Rising individuals to show their feelings, though powerful feelings do exist. You love deeply, are loyal and protective, and go out of your way to do kind deeds for others. However, you are often torn by jealousy and resentment (which you hide), and down deep you never really forgive someone who does you an injury.

As an individual with Capricorn Rising, what you achieve is mainly through your own efforts rather than through the influence of others. Though it happens that Capricorn Rising individuals seem to benefit financially through marriage, your own hard work within the union is largely responsible for your gain.

With Capricorn Rising there is often a rivalry with brothers and sisters, or some kind of disagreement with their fathers. As an individual with Capricorn Rising, you tend to have a small, well-shaped head, deep and penetrating eyes, and a beautiful smile with good-looking teeth. You have strong feet and usually enjoy walking or jogging.

The planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is very prominent in your birth chart. The influence of Saturn bestows discipline, ambition, patience, determination, good endurance, and carefulness. It also encourages stubbornness, hardship, melancholy, aloofness, pessimism, and selfishness.

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Aquarius Sun with Aquarius Moon and Aquarius Rising


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