5 Things to Look For in Your Partner's Birth Chart


When you meet someone you like, it's only natural to want to learn everything there is to know about them as soon as possible. You also might wonder if this is the one who will last or if it'll just be another Tinder swipe to laugh about one day. While you might make note of the dates they plan or their taste in music, you actually should be looking at their birth chart to find out whether or not you're the perfect match. But before you start, you should know that it goes way beyond just knowing each other's sun, moon, and rising signs. What about Venus? And Mars? And Chiron? And how do the planets actually speak with one another? In short, it all matters.

POPSUGAR asked astrologer Stephanie Powell, head of content for Horoscope.com and Astrology.com to share her thoughts. "Birth charts are like an individual's fingerprints," she said, adding that your sun sign is only a surface-level representation of your identity. If we're considering love language, that would be Venus. If we're considering how we feel nurtured or taken care of, that's the moon. And communication style? That's Mercury.

"Without factoring in all of these key components, trying to calculate real astrological compatibility is almost pointless," she said. So get out your charts! Keep reading for the five most important things Powell looks for when comparing birth charts for love compatibility.

If You Have the Same Sun and Moon Signs

According to Powell, this means "you've hit the jackpot." Since the sun sign represents the outside self (basic identity) and the moon sign represents the inner self (emotional needs), this conjunction tells us that you two meld in just the right ways. You'll have "a deep understanding of one another's behaviors, nurturing style, and motives," she explained.

If You Have the Same Moon and Venus Signs

"When I think about love in astrology, the first two planets that come to mind are the moon and Venus," Powell said. The moon (emotional needs) shows what we need to feel loved, while Venus (relationship needs) symbolizes how we give that love. "For example, if your moon sign is in a water sign and your partner's Venus is also in a water sign, you're speaking the same type of emotional language," she explained. "Your natural instinct is to nurture one another and display affection in compatible ways."

Your Sun and Venus Signs Are the Same or Fall in the Same Element

When the sun and Venus fall in the same sign or land in the same element (such as earth and earth: Virgo sun and Taurus Venus), you can expect some easygoing living between you and your partner. That's because the outer self (sun) in one person aligns with the way the other person displays affection (Venus). "There is a natural and comfortable dialogue here, and it indicates shared interests and a similar value system - something you'd need if you're going for a long-term partnership!" Powell noted.

If Your Venus and Mars Signs Are the Same or Fall in the Same Element

"It doesn't get spicier than a Venus-Mars meetup," Powell revealed. Because Venus rules our love language and Mars rules sex (among other passionate topics), this connection means there's an innate, carnal attraction present. "When one person's Venus syncs with their partner's Mars in a conjunction or trine, sparks can fly - especially in the bedroom," she said. "But be wary of tense aspects; this can cause arguments to multiply by the minute."

Having Supportive Saturn Aspects

According to Powell, Saturn is "a truly karmic planet that's one of the greatest teachers in our birth charts." This planet governs stability and structure, so it's only natural that your Saturn placements should be compatible in order to establish a long-lasting relationship. In this case, however, having the same Saturn sign (conjunction) is not the best. "When looking for long-term compatibility, it's important for couples to share some type of supportive aspect," she said. "A Saturn sign conjunction can increase fear and restriction, so it's important to have your charts analyzed by a professional. But if you have strong Saturn contacts between your birth charts, it's likely that your relationship is karmic and here for the long haul."


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